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Gutted and Guarded: What Counts as a Good Day

A long time ago, I worked for an unorthodox, character of a superintendent. Predictably and like many in positions of authority, public opinion on him was mixed. Some hated him and others loved him. I was in the latter group. In fact, most of the folks I thought were working hard to do the right things for kids felt as I did. Though resources were less than minimal, he worked damn hard to provide people with the things they needed to help move kids forward.

Lots of the things he did (and said) do not appear in any of the educational leadership textbooks on my office shelves. But above everything else, I remember something he taught me: the importance of a sense of humor. When I would see him after school, I often asked "How was your day?" Often his answer was, "Really kind of shitty. Almost nothing was funny." Point taken, lesson learned.

I'm a lot more orthodox and by-the-book (sometimes to my detriment) than this former superintendent, but he helped me learn…