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What's for Sale, Part Two

The dad emailed the teacher to see if the information, as presented to him, was correct. It was. He then raised his concerns as politely as he could in an email: that the transaction seemed to take the focus off of learning and put it onto a purchase; that he knew from experience that teaching high school is tough, especially with 160 students a day, and that timely feedback and reteaching were essential; and that it was unwise and unfair to ask kids who could not afford the markers to self identify.

The teacher responded with an equally polite email that thanked the dad for being comfortable enough to raise his concerns. He appreciated the teacher acknowledging this, because several years before with a different child, the dad experienced firsthand the level of trust a parent must have in a teacher to raise an issue while being fully confident that doing so would not somehow negatively impact his child(ren). In that situation, sadly, the dad lacked such trust, felt as though he sold …

What's for Sale?

Daughter: Dad, you remember that test we took in my (second language) class?
Dad: Yeah, I think so. Which one?

Daughter:  Right before break.
Dad: Oh, that one. Well, kinda, but it was quite a while ago.

Daughter: Yeah, well, we just got them back last week. And nobody did very well and because it was so long ago, it's going on this semester's grade. So we were all asking if we could do some extra credit but we know (the teacher) doesn't do that.
Dad: Yes, well, how bad did you do?

Daughter (ignoring the question about the test grade): Well, (the teacher) said we can bring in some magic markers for extra credit. One point per marker, with a max of twenty.
Dad: (sigh) So, you bombed the test that was six or seven weeks ago and have moved on. Now the solution is to buy markers for the class. No reviewing or figuring out what you did wrong?

Daughter: Um, well, not really I guess. I don't remember a lot of it now anyway. But mom and I are going to run some errands and pick them up…