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Looking Forward. And West

In August of 1987, my mom dropped a high school buddy and me off at Rider Hall at the University of Northern Iowa. We piled out of a Chevy station wagon that looked a lot like this beauty.

That August day was the start of something remarkable. The lessons I learned as a student-athlete shaped me in ways that continue today, sometimes without me realizing it. Those intense five years, however, were only the beginning, Now, almost thirty years later, I'm transitioning to the Department of Educational Administration at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, where I have the tremendous honor of serving as the new department chair.  The excitement of the transition has me reflecting on so many things.

The lump I've had in my throat as I choked my way though multiple farewells this spring reappeared tonight, as I wrote notes to colleagues with whom I've been so deeply honored to serve.

Rather than focusing on the change as a physical separation and an ending, I frame it differentl…