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Prisons, Priorities & Power

On some of my more cynical days (there are plenty of them), I have remarked that some factory workers have more freedom and control over their time than a lot of teachers. Similarly, many schools feel more like ultra-controlled environments than places of learning. For example, what's with the heavy handed prohibition of snacks or water bottles at school. I'm willing to bet just about all of the adults in the building have a Diet Mountain Dew and bag of M and M's in their desk drawer. I know, I know, someone will put some Smirnoff in the Aquafina bottle...But in my experience, they're probably going to make a run at that anyway. I digress.

My buddy confirmed that I am not alone in this view, after he attended his son's freshman orientation in suburban St. Louis last fall. After languishing through an extensive and all-encompassing presentation of the school's rules, policies, procedures and penalties for infractions, he asked me if most opening meetings for new …

Compromise, Paul Simon, Great Students and Good Movies

The frequency of my blogging has really suffered in the last few months. That doesn't mean I'm without thoughts. Among them:

What is a reasonable next step with the legislators I had asked about their views on recalling Iowa Supreme Court Justices? I've blogged about it a couple of times (see Nadasuals and An Email I Sent...). Disappointing, but I guess there never was much of a chance of hearing from them.

Next, a Facebook friend asked today if I am a habitual political poster. I suspect he would like to have a political free Facebook zone. I had shared a link to GOP presidential hopeful and former pizza executive Herman Cain's assertion that compromise is ruining the country. I posted, "The latest act in the GOP Presidential Comedy Hour, Herman Cain, says compromise is killing the country. Actually, it is rigidity and lack of compromise, That, and Godfather's Pizza."

Come on, the  Godfather's thing is funny. Besides, it's my page. Block me.