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Ten Steps, circa 1997, Revisited

Many years ago, my aunt, Kathy Sorbe gave me Pat Riley's book The Winner Within. I was an old school Celtics fan, so reading about Riles and the Lakers was a stretch for me. But there's a lot of good stuff in there, particularly The Disease of Me. Check it out and self-diagnose.

A few years later, I wasn't surprised when Rick Pitino came out with a book with an uncomfortably similar cover, entitled Success is a Choice. Jeez, Rick, do you have to pose on the cover just like Riles? Though I was never nor will I will be a Pitino fan (especially after the was-it-rape-or-consensual-sex-in-the-restaurant-train-wreck a couple years ago...) Nobody's perfect and let those who are cast the first stone, but seriously. And this guy is mentoring young college men. Big contract.

Still, even a broken clock and a morally bankrupt multimillionaire coach are right two times a day. Pitino's Steps to Success got me thinking. I was coaching at the time, adapted them a bit and added so…