Monday, September 19, 2011

Ten Steps, circa 1997, Revisited

Many years ago, my aunt, Kathy Sorbe gave me Pat Riley's book The Winner Within. I was an old school Celtics fan, so reading about Riles and the Lakers was a stretch for me. But there's a lot of good stuff in there, particularly The Disease of Me. Check it out and self-diagnose.

A few years later, I wasn't surprised when Rick Pitino came out with a book with an uncomfortably similar cover, entitled Success is a Choice. Jeez, Rick, do you have to pose on the cover just like Riles? Though I was never nor will I will be a Pitino fan (especially after the was-it-rape-or-consensual-sex-in-the-restaurant-train-wreck a couple years ago...) Nobody's perfect and let those who are cast the first stone, but seriously. And this guy is mentoring young college men. Big contract.

Still, even a broken clock and a morally bankrupt multimillionaire coach are right two times a day. Pitino's Steps to Success got me thinking. I was coaching at the time, adapted them a bit and added some corresponding steps to failure. I found the whole list today in a file drawer, when, of course, I was looking for something else.

10 Steps to Success, adapted from Rick Pitino

1. Thrive on Pressure
2. Establish Good Habits
3. Master the Art of Communication
4. Build Self-Esteem
5. Always Be Positive
6. Learn From Adversity
7. Learn From Role Models
8. Be Ferociously Persistent
9. Set Demanding Goals
10. Survive Success

10 Steps to Failure

1. Complain
2. Worry
3. Settle
4. Be Afraid
5. Close Your Mind
6. Learn to Be Lazy
7. Isolate Yourself
8. Blame Someone Else
9. Go Through The Motions
10. Say You Don't Care

Any suggestions for amendments to either list?