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Anything Goes: On Broadway...and Wall Street

I've shared my view that Michelle Bachmann is somewhere between a lightweight phony and a crazy woman with some degree of access to power. And I wouldn't walk ten yards to hear her misstate history, insult gay and lesbian people, or butcher science. But I ran across a story in The Des Moines Register  about some tough questions that were posed to her in northwest Iowa, which has become her political Alamo.

A fellow named Ken Barker, a retired teacher whom I've never met told her he has noticed "that every politician is owned by someone." He wondered who will own Bachmann in the increasingly unlikely event that she makes it to the White House. I don't know how much Mr. Barker and I would agree on, given his presence at a Bachmann rally, but his question is spot-on. Kudos to him for asking it. We ought to be asking the same of every candidate, especially since the United States Supreme Court ruled that corporations can flood political campaigns that support the…