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Grandma, Apple Pie, Baseball. And Sexual Assault?

I rarely blog any more. Too busy with other things, I guess. But something caught me this week and here I am.

A friend posted an article from Slate Magazine about the striking differences in reactions to the horrific murders of Celia Barquin Arozamena, the Iowa State golfer and Mollie Tibbetts, a sophomore from the University of Iowa. I ran across another in the Chicago Tribune.

Interesting, isn't it?

Today, I caught a short interview from CNN in which a reporter was asking some Florida women what they think of the sexual assault accusations leveled against Judge Brett Kavanaugh. They questioned why Dr. Ford would wait so long before sharing her story, etc. Just shy of a minute into the video, Gina Sosa said something that grabbed me in a way that nothing has for quite a while.

Ms. Sosa says, "We're talking about a fifteen year old girl, which I respect, you know. I'm a woman, I respect. But we're talking about a seventeen year old boy, in high school, with test…